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Web Based Live Events and Speaking Engagements

Elizabeth is an expert in oral health promotion, dental health, advocacy for dental education and leadership.

She is available by appointment for consulting and live web-based speaking engagements including teaching, book readings and interviews.

Please contact Elizabeth for information, pricing and scheduling.

Joanetta H.


“I’ve been impressed with Elizabeth on a number of significant levels. She has clear and defined career goals, and has exhibited unusual perseverance and diligence in pursuit of her education. Elizabeth’s professionalism and work ethic are evident to everyone who knows her. Not only has she excelled in her course studies, but she has managed to balance the demands of family and career with remarkable grace. Elizabeth has demonstrated a commitment to excellence in every area of her life.”

Sandra V.

//Registered Dental Hygienist

“Elizabeth and I have both been Registered Dental Hygienists for just over thirteen years. During this time she has forged good relationships as a health professional with her clients. She is proficient at her position in a dental office and her clients like the quality of her work and professionalism. She is a skilled Dental Hygienist and she communicates well when educating her clients about their oral health. She also works well with other staff members in the office.”

Diane L.

//An amazing Mommy

“You told me how I shouldn't sweat the small stuff when it comes to rushing my baby out of milestones as it goes by so fast and soon "my rocking him to sleep" will be over before I know it- I have cherished every minute of it since. I am grateful for our friendship! You are the best.”

Improve the Quality of Life for the People You Love Most

Contact Elizabeth today so we can discuss who your audience is, what their needs are and what it will take to educate and encourage them to give them the opportunity to achieve optimal dental health and overall wellness.